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  • July 12, 2022 4 min read

    Your wallet is an item you use every day. Not only does it contain precious cargo, but it’s a highly functional tool, or at least it needs to be. A streamlined wallet makes your life easier and your precious belongings more secure. Optimized wallets allow daily interactions to go smoothly; there’s no fumbling with a well-designed wallet. You can find and pull out your credit cards and cash easily and smoothly with a high-quality wallet. Set yourself up for success in those little, daily moments with premium quality and a highly effective wallet.

    How to Choose the Right Men’s Leather Wallet Brand

    A wallet says a lot about a man, so it’s essential that you choose a men’s leather wallet brand that is as rugged and fine as you. When selecting a wallet brand, consider the materials they use and how it is made. Since a wallet is used so often, full-grain leather is the best option. Full-grain leather is the highest grade of leather and is thicker than other leathers. Lesser leathers have also been processed to a greater degree, rendering them more vulnerable to wear and tear. They also lack much of the rich patina that full-grain leathers develop over time.

    Finally, consider how your wallet was made. Mass-produced goods simply can’t match the quality of artisan craftsmanship. And sadly, much of our mass-produced goods are made by people working in undesirable and unsafe conditions. By choosing sweat-shop free labor, you are voting with your dollars for a better world and receiving a higher quality product.

    Here at Roger Ximenez, we are creating that better world one handmade, bespoke leather wallet at a time. Our highly skilled artisans make each wallet by hand after you’ve placed your order. We believe quality leather goods enrich our customers’ lives, and we’re proud to offer our line of men’s leather wallets.

    1. Roger Ximenez Wallet Dimensions and Description

    Our leather wallets are made to fit your life. They are bi-folds, with six main card slots, two side card slots, and two compartments for currency. Many of our customers find that they can easily fit two cards in each slot. We finish each of our wallets with a 100% water-based aniline dye that helps your wallet stay pristine, no matter the weather.

    Shop the Best Men’s Leather Wallets

    Roger Ximenez’s men’s wallets are made with premium, full-grain leather. We offer a selection of vegetable tan leather wallets. Vegetable tan leather uses natural tannins from plants to tan animal hides and turn them into leather. Vegetable tanning is an ancient leather-making technique that originated in 400 BC. Vegetable tan leather is prized for many reasons. The leather becomes thicker, making it more durable. This quality makes vegetable tan leather ideal for highly used items such as wallets, purses, or shoes. Additionally, vegetable tan leather develops an unrivaled patina. Here are Roger Ximenez’s men’s leather wallets.

    This rich brown wallet is an ideal choice if you enjoy brown wallets but want to try something a little different. Mock gator is an excellent first reptile leather, with its more subtle, raised pattern. You can customize this wallet with red stitching.

    This richly textured wallet is made with premium full-grain Italian leather. Pebble grain is a classic finish for men’s wallets, and black is one of the most popular wallet colors. This wallet will easily transition from a casual run to the grocery store to a nice dinner out. Add a bright pop with cobalt blue stitching.

    Add some visual and textural appeal to your wallet game with mock ostrich leather. This uniquely dappled leather is subtly eye-catching, and you’ll experience its rich feel every time you use your wallet. If you’d like, you can choose cobalt stitching.

    Make every day a stylish one with this deep gray men’s wallet. Charcoal mock gator leather wallets are always a classic, with their attractive ridged pattern. Customize with cobalt stitching.

    From home to the boardroom, this wallet will help you do what you need to do. Saffiano leather is delicately crosshatched, leaving fine lines on the surface of the leather to make it easier to grip. (Saffiano leather is also easy to clean) Customize your saffiano leather wallet with cobalt or cognac stitching.

    Try a twist on the classic brown men’s leather wallet by choosing mock ostrich leather. This leather’s interesting texture will hold up well to daily wear and tear. It’s fascinating leather with intricate skin detail. Choose from brown or cognac stitching.

    This warm brown men’s leather wallet is perfect if you have a wardrobe of earth colors. Its brown has a caramel tone to it that almost seems to shine. And, mock gator texture adds interest and appeal. Customize with cognac stitching.

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