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  • black mock croc belt
  • Slate Italian Pebble Grain Belt - Red / 44 / 35mm | Mens Fashion & Leather Goods by Roger Ximenez
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  • 40 mm Italian Solid Brass Belt Buckle with Gunmetal Finish 9175. - [variant_title] | Mens Fashion & Leather Goods by Roger Ximenez

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    Roger Ximenez Sr. - Founder & CEO
    Roger Ximenez, Founder & CEO
    Roger Ximenez Jr. - Director of eCommerce
    Roger Ximenez Jr., Director of Ecommerce

    A Belt Takes A Minute To Wear & A Lifetime To Master.

    Handmade In The USA

    Roger Ximenez is the leading high-end custom belt leather designer in the United States. Our leather belts can be found in some of the finest boutique shops and exclusive golf clubs in the country. Using the highest quality materials in the world and decades of craftsmanship, we aim to provide our customers with the finest leather goods in the industry.

    We specialize in crocodile, Italian, French and suede leather goods and accessories that are both unique and durable. The materials used in our products are derived from all around the world but finalized in Miami, FL. Our leathers are made one at a time to your exact specifications, empowering you to create unique leather belts that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Simply select your leather type, leather color, stitching and size. We'll take care of the rest.

    History of Craftsmanship

    In 2009 Roger Ximenez, Founder and Master Leather Designer, set out to create an innovative line of exclusive, custom made leather belts. His goal was clear: create a high quality signature belt collection that may be tailored to each and every customer’s needs. Roger Ximenez personally designs and manages every single belt along the production process to ensure his life-long mission is realized.

    During his youth, Roger studied in Offenbach, Germany where he began cultivating his expertise among the best leather craftsmen in the world. Since his arrival to Miami in 1980, he has continued to refine his methods, earning a reputation as one of today’s most respected leather artisans. His belts symbolize the benchmark of luxury apparel, appealing to quality-conscious consumers and leather connoisseurs from all around the world.

    "Absolutely love the product. I recently purchased a black French calf belt with blue stitching from Turtle Hill Golf Club in Bermuda. The craftsmanship and quality is exceptional with quality and style in abundance. I just wanted to thank you for making such a fine product."
    —Andrew Woodworth

    Men's and Ladies Leather Belts: Quality And Durability

    All Italian and French leathers are made with 100% full-grain calf leather, which means the leathers haven't been corrected, sanded or modified in any manner. Full-grain leather is considered the most durable type of leather on the market. Our tanneries use synthetic and organic vegetable dyes to give the belts their unique colors. Since our leathers are full-grain, natural marks can be see on the leather giving it a unique look.

    All Suede leather belts are made with premium calf leather. Our napped suede leathers are thicker than our competitors, ensuring increased durability.

    All Exotic leather belts are made with 100% python or crocodile leather. Like our non-exotic leathers, these belts go through a unique tanning process to give it a customized look.

    All buckles are made in Italy from solid brass. Our buckles are palladium plated to ensure maximum resilience to natural elements.

    All leather belts come with a custom traveling pouch made from premium cotton. Our pouch allows customers to store and travel with their belt in a unique, sophisticated way.

    Our Values

    All leather belts are Bespoke made, sweat-shop free and carefully handmade in Miami, FL.We've dedicated our life to provide our customers with not only the finest leather belts you can find, but also an enriching customer experience. At Roger Ximenez, we operate under these core values:

    1. Unrivaled Craftsmanship: We aim to challenge the leather industry with our uniquely crafted leather goods and accessories. We're confident you won't find a leather good like ours.
    2. Customers First: We're a family owned and operated business that runs under the premise that all of our customers are like family. We are obsessed with providing you with the best in class service.
    3. Bespoke Method: All of our leather goods are carefully handcrafted in the United States and made to order. You won't find mass production or an assembly line in our shop--only years upon years of craftsmanship.
    4. Speedy Delivery: Unlike our competitors, we promise to ship all orders within 3 weeks of payment. Why wait 3 months to a year? Less waiting and more chances to go out in style!

    Superior Quality. Versatile Styles.

    Only the finest materials gathered from across the world are used for our leather goods. Although we collect all of our skins, linings, threads and buckles from across the world, we proudly finalize all leather belts in America the old fashioned way: one at a time with a keen eye and a personal touch. 

    1. Pebble Grain Leathers: Premium full-grain calf hide finished with an embossed surface that is both smooth and elegant.
    2. Mock Croc Leathers: Italian full-grain leather finished with an embossed surface that resembles Crocodile skin.
    3. Mock Lizard Leathers: Italian full-grain leather finished with an embossed surface that resembles Lizard skin.
    4. French Calf Leathers: French full-grain calf hide made to exhibit a soft and polished finish.
    5. Genuine Suede Leathers: Superior quality calf hide leather with a napped finish.
    6. Exotic Leathers: Reptilian leather that is masterfully dyed and crafted for elegance, exclusivity and style.