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  • August 10, 2022 4 min read

    Planning a wedding involves coordinating many important details like choosing the cake flavor, planning the seating arrangement, and picking the right belts for the groomsmen. Make choosing the right mens dress belts for your groomsmen simple with this comprehensive guide. (At least one thing can be easy!)

    6 Tips for Choosing The Best Men’s Belts For Your Groomsmen

    1. Consider the wedding style and colors

    When it comes to formal events like a wedding, your options for your groomsmen’s belts are deceptively simple since there are only three formal colors for men available: black, brown and grey. It gets complicated later, but let’s start with the basics first. The style and colors of your wedding will dictate the color of the men’s dress belts your groomsmen will wear. If you’re having a classic, crisp white, black tuxedo event, black is the only appropriate color. If your colors are warmer, perhaps earthier, think creams, golds, browns, wine, or orange hues, then go with brown or a warm gray, which is gray with yellow, tan, or red undertones. Cool or brighter colors pair well with black or gray. 

    2. Consider belt texture

    Believe it or not, men’s dress belts can vary slightly in texture. Smooth and shiny is the classic choice; however, depending on the style and aesthetic of your wedding, you might want to consider a textured leather, like a mock ostrich, which is interesting yet subtle, or a pebble grain which is a smooth, luxurious classic. 

    3. Consider belt sheen

    Sheen or shine is the level of gloss on the finish of your men’s dress belts. It’s essential for formal events that the sheen of the belts matches the shine of the shoes being worn. It doesn’t need to be exact, but it needs to be close. If the groomsmen are providing their own shoes, consider a belt in the mid-range of shine, like the Roger Ximenez smooth Italian calf leather belts. Gifting your groomsmen a fine leather belt is one way to ensure that everyone’s style matches on your wedding day. 

    4. Consider belt material

    The only formal belt material is leather, so choose a leather belt that will last for years from Roger Ximenez. All of Roger Ximenez’s belts are made from premium, full-grain leather and are handcrafted here in the USA. Full-grain leather is thicker, more durable, more beautiful, and lasts longer than lesser or faux leathers. The quality of a Roger Ximenez full-grain leather belt is visible in their eye-catching craftsmanship and rich colors. 

    5. Consider belt width

    In addition to ensuring that all of your groomsmen are wearing matching belts, make sure to choose the narrow-width belt. Formal belts are typically more narrow than casual belts since they are used with tailored pants and are more for show than function. 

    6. Consider custom-colored stitching

    Depending on your wedding style, one way your groomsmen could customize their belts is with colored stitching. If your wedding is less formal or has a playful edge, then colored stitching adds a subtle but eye-catching note in an otherwise sea of similar tones. This also allows each groomsman to make their belt their own, so they have an even more special token of this meaningful day.

    Shop Men’s Dress Belts 

    We have mens dress belts in all of the classic colors and varying shades, so you can find the perfect match! Here are some of our more popular men’s dress belts, but this is far from all of them. Please shop our full collection of men’s dress belts here!

    Black Leather Belts

     Italian Pebble Grain is a classic formal belt choice, and this luxurious black belt can be customized with colored thread or kept black on black. Pebble grain has both sheen and texture, offering the best of both worlds. 

    Throw animal patterns into the mix with our Black Mock Alligator leather dress belt. This stunning belt has a formal level sheen with a subtle yet visible alligator texture. These belts are fantastic belts for groomsmen.

    Brown leather belts

    This dark brown Italian Pebble Grain belt is perfect for your dark earth toned weddings. The subtle pebble grain catches the light in an appealing fashion, breaking up the smooth texture of formal wear…just enough. 

    We also have warmer, lighter browns with more caramel notes, like our Cognac Mock Alligator leather belt. This belt’s warm hues highlight it’s delicate reptile pattern. Alligator is less ostentatious than other reptile leathers like crocodile or lizard, which is why it’s acceptable for dress belts.

    Gray leather belts

    The Gray Mock Alligator leather belt is a classy belt for an elegant wedding. This two-tone grey and white belt pairs with crisp white shirts and black or grey pants. While not a statement belt, these belts add visual interest through our skilled use of texture and color. 

    This elegant and striking Slate Gray Italian Pebble Grain is a fine choice for any wedding and can be paired with a black, white, or gray color scheme. This lighter gray is also an excellent mid-range gray and can pair with darker or lighter shades. 

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