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  • July 05, 2022 3 min read

    When it comes to your golf game, how you dress for the green can have a measurable impact on your confidence. Studies all over the world confirm the common-sense idea that dressing well and wearing luxurious items increases self-esteem and confidence. And, when it comes to belts, there’s nothing more luxurious and attractive than Roger Ximenez leather belts. Our premium golf belts for men will help you win on and off the course.

    How Do You Wear a Men’s Belt with Golf Shorts?

    Men’s belts are a key item when it comes to golfing fashion. Not only do they make excellent statement pieces, but they also perform an all-important function. So, what are some ways to style your golf shorts look?

    1. First and foremost, make sure your golf belts fit. Not only is a poorly fitting belt uncomfortable, but your look won’t be as streamlined. Did you know that a correctly fitting belt feels good when secured at the center hole? If you suspect you don’t have the correct belt size, please check out our complete guide to belt sizing.

    2. Next, consider how you want to tuck your shirt. Men’s golf shorts don’t lend themselves to a fully untucked shirt—think bulkiness at the waist—so that leaves a full or partial tuck. A full tuck is classic and will always look good on the course. Consider trying the French, or partial tuck, where you tuck in the front of your shirt, leaving the sides and back free. This is a great way to highlight your belt. Tuck in the front and adjust for polo shirts until you like the look. For button-downs, tuck in the button side of the shirt.

    3. Consider a colorful belt. Whether you choose a solid color or a pattern, color can add interest to your golf attire. When selecting a color, choose one that matches your skin undertone and your wardrobe. Choosing a colorful belt that goes with a lot of your clothing is a simple way to find one that matches your skin tone.

    4. Don’t wear two patterns at once. If your golf shorts have a design, choose a solid-colored shirt, and vice versa. This is especially true if you are wearing a brighter or patterned belt.

    4 Types of Men’s Golf Belts to Wear with Golf Shorts 

    There are a wide variety of golf belts for men available. Full-grain leather is the premium material for high-quality mens golf belts. This section will discuss four types of fashionable men’s belts that will pair well with golf shorts.

    • Suede belts

    Suede belts look fantastic year-round, but there’s something special about a light-colored belt for the summer months. Suede gives the appearance of coolness with its soft, napped texture that adds subtle contrast to your ensemble. Casual enough for the weekend but luxurious enough for your favorite golf course, suede belts pair wonderfully with men’s golf shorts.

    • Pebble grain

    A perennial classic, pebble-grain leather looks fantastic with your favorite golf shorts. Pebble grain belts come in a variety of colors, so you have the option of expressing yourself and complementing your wardrobe with fun and vibrant colors like red, yellow, and purple. Pebble grain is highly durable leather and can be cleaned easily after a day of golf.

    • Reptile

    Reptile leather belts are always in style. Genuine crocodile or python leather is stunning and makes excellent statement belts when paired with relaxed attire. You also have the option of high-quality mock reptile leathers with the same gorgeous texturing but are more durable since they’re made from calf hide. Whatever style of reptile leather you choose, you can wear it confidently on the courses.

    • Colorful belts

    This section will discuss multi-colored men’s belts like the shadow mock croc leather belt and the Americana leather belt. While most golf courses have a dress code, golfing can be a time for a fun belt. When choosing colorful men’s belts, it may be a good idea to wear more neutral and matching clothing. These belts will naturally draw the eye, so don’t make them compete with an especially loud print. So, for example, if you’re showing your patriotic flair with our Americana belt, go for clothing in white and khaki colors.

    Shop Roger Ximenez Golf Belts for Men

    Here at Roger Ximenez, we carry a whole line of golf belts for men. Each of our belts is made to order with a keen eye, skilled hands, and attention to detail in the USA. You choose your stitching color, size, and width, and only then do we make your belt to order. We pride ourselves on our customer service and quality craftsmanship. Order your finely made, bespoke men’s golf belt from us today.

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