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  • October 20, 2020 5 min read

    Shopping for a leather belt can quickly become an overwhelming experience, as there are hundreds of products flooding the market. It’s not only about the look of the belt—it’s also about the fit, the durability, and the quality of leather. How many times have you bought a seemingly nice-looking belt that quickly became worn out and unusable? We hope to help guide you with your belt purchasing experience by providing you all the information you need when shopping for this unique men's accessory.

    The ideal leather belt is comfortable, durable, and stylish enough to elevate your overall outfit. The key is to differentiate premium quality men’s leather belts from low-quality alternatives. Below you’ll learn how to discern the two when buying your next leather belt.

    Categories of Men’s Leather Belts

    When you’re shopping for leather belts, you’ll notice there are two categories of leather belts including dress and casual belts.

    In general, dress belts are belts you’d wear with slacks to a professional or formal event. In these settings, the Dress belt is made to be readily visible by tucking in a shirt. As such, the belt needs to look good and fit comfortably.

    Likewise, casual belts are to be worn with other kinds of pants including jeans, shorts, and even slacks. Casual belts are typically not front and center, as the shirt would be untucked.

    As you can see, the above two types of belts are typically determined by the occasion. Some designers will purposely construct the belt differently, such as providing a longer tail for casual belts and a shorter tail for dress leather belts.

    At Roger Ximenez, we don’t construct our leather belts differently depending on it being a casual or dress belt. All of our leather belts are made to have a shorter tail and fitted to the third belt loop to ensure an optimal look. This is why our team goes above and beyond to ensure that we’re designing the belt perfectly to your needs.

    Lastly, leather belts can come in a wide array of colors. You should always have your dress belt match your shoes for a consistent and elegant look. Casual belts can be worn with any color combination and we encourage you to let your preferences shine here.

    Unlike other brands, we offer more than your typical dull black or brown leather belt with neutral stitching options. You can choose from blue, white, purple, green, yellow, black, cognac, and more leather options. Also, you can mix and match with vibrant colored stitching options. We pride ourselves in not only the quality of our bespoke leather belts for men but also the flexibility we offer customers in customizing their look.

    How to find the best quality leather belt

    When you visit either a large or boutique men’s retailer, you’ll find dozens of different belt options. So how do you find out which belt is right for you?

    When looking to purchase a belt, you should consider the following:

    1. The grain of leather used
    2. Color and stitching of the belt
    3. Width of the belt
    4. The pattern of the belt
    5. The belt buckle
    6. Sizing of the belt

    The Grain of the Leather Belt

    The grain of leather will determine the texture, pattern, and quality of the leather used in the construction of the belt. In general, you should always look for full-grain leather as it is the highest quality grade of leather you can find. This leather comes from the top layer of the hide and demonstrates the natural grain of the leather.

    Top-grain leather is an alternative to full-grain and regarded as the second-highest grade of leather you can buy. This kind of leather has the outermost layer of the hide removed, making the leather thinner and less durable.

    Other leathers may include bonded or corrected grain, which you should avoid at all costs. These leathers will have an inferior feel to them and will demonstrate wear and tear quickly.

    The Color of the Belt

    When choosing a leather belt, you should always look to find a belt that matches your personal preferences. Modern dapper men design their casual or dress belts to have a pop of color—for instance, a black Italian leather belt with cobalt stitching.

    Belt Width, Patterns & Buckle

    When shopping for belts, it's quite common for casual belts to be wider than formal belts. We’ve found that our customers, especially golf professionals and golf enthusiasts, prefer our size 40mm because of its more prominent and casual look. Our size 35mm is designed to be more subtle but stylish for various occasions that call for a dress belt.

    Like color and width, the pattern of the belt is a matter of personal preference and taste. Some will prefer the smoothness of our Italian calf belts and others will want the unique look of our mock gator leather belts. It’s honestly all up to you and your stylistic needs.

    For the belt buckle, you’ll want something that subtly complements the leather belt. All of our leather belts are equipped with solid brass palladium plated Italian buckles for a timeless look.

    Sizing your Leather Belt

    Determining the size of your belt when shopping online can be difficult, as every brand does it differently.

    At Roger Ximenez, we recommend that you size your leather belt by purchasing a size larger than your pant waist size. In general, our recommendation is to purchase a belt one size larger than your current pant size for the perfect fit. For instance, if you wear a size 34, purchase a size 36 for an optimal fit on the third loop of the belt tail.

    Storing Your Leather Belt

    It's common to find leather belts hanging off a rack at a department store. At Roger Ximenez, we recommend rolling up your belt and storing it away in a safe compartment within your closet or our travel pouch.

    Make sure to care for your leather belts using a leather cleaner when there are any stains or marks that appear on it after some time of wear.

    Custom Belts Made Just For You

    Sometimes you want to create the perfect fit and look but can't find what you're looking for at a department store. That's where customizing your leather belt to match any outfit becomes an appealing option. With Roger Ximenez, you can customize your leather belt to have an array of colors to match with any pair of shoes you may have or any other accessories important to you. Not only will you have the most unique belt, but you'll have one renown for quality and attention to detail.


    It may be daunting when shopping around for a leather belt, but it can also be a seamless experience if you buy from a brand that intimately cares about your style needs. You can customize your very own bespoke leather belt today when you shop our wide collection of Roger Ximenez leather belts today.