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  • February 19, 2015 3 min read

    In business, first impressions count. At the very least, new clients and business associates will judge your commitment to the business at hand based on your mannerisms and outfit. You can stand out by stocking your wardrobe appropriately or choose to lose out on some lucrative business deals

    High quality accessories are ideal for fashion conscious businessmen who want to stand out from the crowd. Whatever the occasion, well-matched leatherwear and accessories make your look professional, successful and versatile. Put another way, a great leather belt can win your clients' confidence and open future business deals in the long run.

    Inspire Confidence with a Lasting Impression

    Clients are more confident dealing with associates who pay attention to small details. You should understand how to dress just as you understand your client's needs. There's no better way to demonstrate attention to detail and commitment to your business than to pay close attention to your appearance.

    As is often the case, many young professionals are required to wear a suit to work. This makes it hard for them to stand out, as any other individual competing for the business niche will adorn a similar suit. Leather accessories are usually less common and unique, making it an ideal addition to your outfit. New clients will remember your unique style and recall the conversation held more readily.

    Quality Counts

    Spending extra in high quality apparel goes a long way. The returns you will get by leaving a better impression will more than justify the cost of high-end clothing. For instance, Neil Patel described how he turned a profit by investing in high quality clothing.

    But this doesn't only apply to shirts, pants and suits. The complete ensemble has to be up to par. It makes no sense to spend $2,000 on a pair of trousers and wear a $10 belt. The clothes you wear says a lot about what you find acceptable. If you don't skimp on quality, people will trust your judgment and follow your leadership. 

    Getting The Right Fit

    While quality demonstrates high standards, a good fit demonstrates refined taste. Clients, coworkers and employers will only trust your judgment if you indirectly communicate that you have a discerning eye. When it comes to clothing, a tailor is a man's best friend.  You need to ensure that your clothes fit according to your body.

    The easiest way to ensure your clothes fit properly is to have them made to your exact specifications. Custom made clothing and accessories will allow you to enjoy the day without fussing with an uncomfortable outfit.

    Details Seal The Deal

    Most menswear comes in muted tones -- blacks, grays and browns. What sets you apart is how you accessorize. You can tell a lot about a man from his watch, shoes, belt or tie. You should put as much thought into purchasing accessories as you do into purchasing a shirt. While people around you may not ask about your shirt, a multi-colored designer bespoke accessory will have your network buzzing.

    When choosing your accessories, ensure each item makes sense for the ensemble. Try to pair muted tones with one or two contrasting colors max. If your accessory has two color tones, it will help expand the breadth of possible outfits.

    Stepping Outside the Suit

    Although you will spend a lot of time in professional wear, you can't just revert to looking careless on weekends. Opportunity is everywhere and you have to be prepared to meet it. A pair of well-tailored jeans, a Roger Ximenez suede belt, and a cashmere sweater translates to a casual but dapper outfit.

    The best part about leather accessories is that you can use them throughout the week. Even while you hang up your suit Friday night, you can keep your weekend attire updated with designer accessories. You could meet your next investor at a bar and the last thing you want is to be seen in is a sweatshirt and flip flops. 

    Durable Means Affordable

    Cheap clothing comes at a great cost. Apart from poor quality clothing hurting your professional image, poor quality clothing also comes with more frequent replacements. Investing in well-made leather goods will save you money and time down the line, as these products last much longer than lower quality products.

    The best part: great quality doesn't have to be extravagantly expensive. Hermes and Gucci belts may last long but you would have to pay a high premium for them. An artisan crafted exotic belt by Roger Ximenez costs less, lasts just as long and has the same high-end look with a stylish twist. In the long run, the amount of money you save (and gain) by buying durable accessories makes dressing for success ultimately more affordable.