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  • June 28, 2022 3 min read

    Choosing colorful men’s belts shows confidence and your style. It looks amazing when you go with a brighter or richer color that compliments your skin tone and wardrobe. In this article, we’ll discuss choosing colorful men’s belts and ways to style them, so you look your best.

    What Color Belts Should a Man Have?

    The answer to this question is: whatever colors you like that compliment your skin tone. Here’s how to determine what colors will look good on you.

    What’s your skin’s undertone?

      Everyone’s skin undertone will be cool, warm, or neutral, no matter your skin color. Discover your undertone by:

      a) If your skin is light enough to see the veins on the inside of your wrist, take a look. Blue veins mean you have a cool undertone, while green indicates warm undertones.

      b) Take a look at your watch. You may be instinctively drawn to gold or silver. Gold looks best on men with warm tones, while silver complements cool tones.

      c) Similarly, look at your wardrobe. Blacks and whites look good with a cool tone, while more creams and browns work with warm tones.

      d) How does your skin react to the sun? Those with cool undertones may burn more quickly than those with warm undertones.

      e) Finally, what about the third option, a neutral undertone? If none of these tips are working for you, you have a neutral undertone that looks good with both cool and warm tones.

      But what does cool, warm, and neutral mean when it comes to the right colors for you? Here’s the cheat sheet:

      1. Choose jewel colors, silvery grays, bright whites, and sea tones for cool undertones.
      2. For warm undertones, go with earthy colors, orange, yellow, taupe, and creams.
      3. You can wear most colors for neutral undertones but double-check the bright ones.
      4. Flattering colors for everyone: true red, teal, and deep purple.

      How to Style Different Color Belts

      This section will discuss specific styling ideas for colorful men’s belts. However, the best indication of an excellent ensemble is how it makes you feel. And, as we learned in the previous section, we can be instinctually drawn to what looks good on us. So, educate yourself, but in the end, trust your fashion gut. And, with a Roger Ximenez leather belt, you’ll always look good.

      1. Yellow Belts

      We offer a variety of shades of yellow belts, from a bright primary yellow pebble grain belt to this luxurious mustard mock croc belt. Either of these belts would pop against dark blue jeans or navy slacks. These belts will look best on those with warmer and neutral skin tones.

      2. Blue Belts

      We have a stunning array of blue belts, from deep navy to sky blue to turquoise—blue pairs beautifully with a crisp, white shirt. The Carolina blue mock gator leather belt would work well with khaki tones, like cream, tan, and navy.

      3. White Belts

      White belts look fresh and cool, especially in the summertime. Style our bright white pebble grain belt with black pants and black or white shoes for a modern look. Combine different softer whites, creams, and taupes with our special edition vintage natural mock gator leather belt or the cream-colored python belt. These belts also work well with your jeans and lighter slacks.

      4. Red Belts

      Since true red is a universally attractive color, make a safe yet colorful bet on a red belt from Roger Ximenez. Our red Italian pebble grain belt makes a stylish addition to any wardrobe. A red belt with blue jeans or slacks and a shirt with red detail is a solidly masculine look. For more red belts, click here.

      5. Green Belts

      Our earthy green Italian pebble grain belt is a surefire winner for those with warmer or neutral undertones. Match this green belt to your favorite khakis and a more neutral shirt. When wearing a statement color like green, it’s good to let your outfit support the belt rather than be in competition.

      Roger Ximenez’s Colorful Belts for Men

      Here at Roger Ximenez, we are dedicated to our customers and our craft of making high-quality, bespoke leather goods in unrivaled colors. We are the top purveyor of full-grain, colored men’s leather belts in the USA. The rich, deep colors we use reflect our commitment to excellence and style. Our premium, full-grain calf leather, and genuine reptile leather are sourced worldwide. We bring these leathers back to the USA and handcraft each leather belt to our customer’s specifications. You get to choose the color of your belt’s stitching, size, and width. The care and keen eye our craftspeople give to each handmade leather belt are evident in the quality feel of a Roger Ximenez belt. Expand your wardrobe and make a fashionable statement with colored leather belts from Roger Ximenez.

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