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  • August 24, 2022 6 min read

    Choosing a men’s belt is an opportunity to have fun and express yourself. There are many types of belts, which means you have multiple opportunities to use a belt to enhance your style. Luxurious leather belts are about more than fun, functional fashion.

    Did you know that you perform better cognitively when you wear designer goods and clothing? The idea is that luxury items increase your sense of power, which has the side effect of mental enhancement. Add some luxury to your everyday life and access that mental power and confidence at any time with fine leather belts for any occasion from Roger Ximenez.

    With so many types of belts, you can tap into your own power from casual to formal situations to everything in between. In this article, we’ll look at different categories of belts (casual and formal) and types of belts, from smooth to Saffiano to reptile, so that you can confidently complete your wardrobe. 

    6 Types of Men’s Belts To Have In Your Wardrobe

    Leather Belts

    Leather belts make the finest men’s belts around. Leather is a uniquely durable and beautiful material. Belts made from leather last longer and look better than other materials, especially faux leather or other synthetic materials. 

    Roger Ximenez leather belts are made from full-grain leather, the highest grade of leather. Full-grain hides need less processing (Sanding, shaving, scraping) than other, lesser leathers, so more of the blemish-free hide stays intact. This results in a thicker leather that can develop a patina. The top layer of leather, with care and age, can develop a deep, glossy sheen that is highly prized. While not all full-grain leathers have a patina due to coloring or other processing, full-grain leather will develop a more full patina compared to other leathers that have needed more treatment. All Roger Ximenez belts are made from premium full-grain leather.

    Formal Belts

    Formal belts are leather belts, even if many leather belts aren’t formal. Formal leather belts are narrow and have discreet metal buckles. Formal belts are typically black, brown, or navy, with black being the most common color for a formal belt. While formal belts can be different textures, they usually have a sheen or shine of some kind. The classic formal belt is the smooth Italian calf leather belt. These fine leather belts are the epitome of class and style. They’ll work with any formal ensemble and elevate it with fine craftsmanship and quality leather. Browse formal, smooth leather belts here. 

    Here are some more examples of Roger Ximenez’s fine, formal belts:

    • Mock Ostrich is a luxuriously textured leather that makes attractive formal belts. Its unique dimpled texture adds visual interest and breaks up the smooth lines of formal wear in a pleasing way. 
    • Mock alligator makes a statement while supporting your look. Complimenting a variety of formal wear, a Roger Ximenez mock alligator belt is a homerun when it comes to formal style and fashion. 
    • Saffiano’s subtle texture catches the light and works well with a variety of formal wear. With its one-of-a-kind crosshatched texture, Saffiano is especially durable, which means a formal Saffiano belt will wear well for years. 
    • Pebble Grain Leather is a classic in its own right, with its subtle texture and shine. From formal to professional, every man needs to have at least one pebble-grain belt in his wardrobe. 

    Casual Belts

    Whether you’re headed to a BBQ or enjoying a round of golf, a casual belt or three are essential items in every man’s wardrobe. With casual belts, comfort is at the forefront, so they are wider than formal belts. Casual belts may also have bigger, or more ornamented buckles. You can also play with color and patterns with casual belts. Here are some of Roger Ximenez’s most popular casual belts.

    Our mock crocodile is richly textured and made from premium full-grain Italian calf leather, so it has an unrivaled supple, buttery feel. Our artisan leather workers hand emboss the leather to create mock crocodile leather's crevices, hills, and valleys. 

    Mock Lizard is a stunning yet subtly texture, with fine, wavy lines of square scales. We use vegetable tanning to make our richly colored mock lizard belts. Vegetable tanning wears in a unique fashion, changing its color in response to temperature and light. Every one of our vegetable-tanned mock lizard belts is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

    Mock Caiman is a popular mock reptile leather, and while similar to crocodile, it has a beauty and elegance all its own. Its modular look pairs well with a relaxed style and adds structure or enhances it in any outfit. Our mock caiman belts come in rich blue, brown, red, and orange hues. 
    Colorful Belts
    Colorful belts can support and enhance a look or be the focal point as a statement piece. Here at Roger Ximenez, we’re proud to offer exemplary, unique colors you can’t find anywhere else with unrivaled quality. Here are some great colored and patterned leather belts.

    The Sky Blue Smooth Italian Calf leather belt is a cool yet rich blue that colored stitching of your choice can accent. This belt would go well with blue clothing, like blue jeans and white clothing. 

    American spirit is in full force with the Americana Pebble Grain leather belt. Its bold red, white, and blue colors are decorated with the stars and stripes of the beautiful American flag. Save it for the Fourth of July bash, or wear it year-round to celebrate your American spirit. It pairs well with blue, black and white jeans and pants. 

    Express yourself and show it can be easy being green with this rich yet vibrant green Italian Pebble Grain leather belt. It can be customized with colored stitching of your choice. This belt will work with many ensembles and can be used to catch the eye or as a supporting piece against similar hues. 

    This tangerine orange Italian calf leather belt stands out from the crowd. Orange, or tangerine, technically, is a bright, happy color. However, this tangerine is far from flashy and is classy to the hilt with its deeper undertones. It adds a fun pop to creams, tans, khakis, and browns. 

    Suede Belts

    Suede belts are a marvelous addition to every man’s wardrobe. First, they look amazing, with their soft, buttery, almost velvety feel. With their napped finish, they absorb the light rather than reflect it, which creates a subtle but definite appeal. Their delicate texture offers visual appeal to any style. They’re relaxed enough to go with the most casual of looks and can elevate the shabbiest (but most comfortable) pair of jeans. And they can hold their own in any social gathering where they may even be a conversation starter. (“Where did you get that great belt?”) And no golf course look is complete without a quality suede belt from Roger Ximenez. Our fine suede belts are also an excellent match with a professional look and your favorite pair of suede shoes. To that end, we offer our suede belts in classic professional colors: black, gray, brown, and navy. For suede’s more playful, casual side, we have a light; almost golden brown called toast, which is sure to lift your next look.

    Reptile Belts

    Genuine reptile leather has been at the peak of luxury and fashion for decades. The textured look and feel of true reptile leather is unparalleled and makes for subtly eye-catching belts. Reptile leathers are more challenging to handle and craft than calf leather, requiring the skilled touch of artisans like Roger Ximenez. Roger Ximenez has trained with masters of leather craft worldwide and has worked with leather himself for decades. He brings his expertise and keen eye to every leather belt being hand-crafted in his workshop. 

    Crocodile leather belts are all one of a kind since every crocodile is different. You can wear your crocodile leather belt in professional and formal settings, where it will help you tap into your natural confidence. Another way to channel your inner predator (or fashion icon) is with genuine python leather. Python leather belts are a little less showy and more subtle than crocodile leather, but it catches the eye with their distinctive scaled pattern. Genuine crocodile and python leathers are unmistakable, and reptile leather belts will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

    Shop Roger Ximenez Men’s Belts

    We have an unrivaled collection of leather belts and men’s belts here at Roger Ximenez. Whether you’re looking for a new formal or golf belt, we have a bespoke men’s belt that’s right for you. Customize the width and color of stitching to your specifications. All the threads offered for each belt will match so you can feel confident in your choice. Choose the same color thread for your belt for a classic look, or add some subtle flair with a brightly colored thread. All your belts will be made by hand once you’ve placed your order. You can expect the best from a custom Roger Ximenez leather belt.

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