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  • August 17, 2022 4 min read

    While there are many differences between men’s belts and women’s belts, one thing they have in common is that both sexes have used belts for a long time. Humans have been wearing belts since the Bronze Age, which was between 3300 and 1200 BCE. Historians have found traces of belts in many civilizations around the world, including Europe and many parts of Asia. This makes sense, given the universal appeal and usefulness of belts. In this article, we’ll discuss the key differences between men’s belts vs women’s belts. 

    4 Key Differences Between Men’s Belts and Women’s Belts

    Here are some of the differences between men’s belts vs women’s belts

     1. When it comes to men’s belts versus women’s belts, one of the main differences has to do with their original functional purpose. 

       a. Men’s belts have been more useful and were used to hold up pants and as a place to store weapons like sabers (a type of sword) and pistols. Old-fashioned pants weren’t as tailored as modern clothing, and belts (or suspenders) were truly needed to keep men’s pants in place. This is also due to how male bodies are shaped; they tend to have straighter lines through the waist. And even if a man wore suspenders, the weight of a pistol, saber, or both made a sturdy leather belt necessary

      b. Women’s belts started out not as a functional item but more as a fashion accessory used to accentuate the waist size. Since women didn’t wear pants for a large chunk of history, they did not need to use a belt to hold articles of clothing together, and also, unlike men, they didn’t carry heavy weaponry around on their visible person. They may have been carrying weapons, but it was customary for them to be concealed, not part of their everyday wear, like with men and their pistols and sabers. 


    2. Another big difference between a men’s belt and a women’s belt is going to be in the level of accessorizing available. Typically, women’s belts come in a wider variety of styles and fashions and include accessories that men’s belts do not. While there are traditions of ostentatious belt buckles for men in certain parts of the country, typically, these accessories are limited to a masculine style belt buckle and not the belt itself. Women’s belts can be adorned with glitter, sparkling rhinestones, fake pearls, metal work, lace, colorful patterns, etc. Some men’s belts are patterned, but again, those tend to be few and far between and limited to a more masculine aesthetic, e.g., patterns like camouflage or the American flag.

    3. The most practical difference between a men’s belt and a woman’s belt is going to be its size. Men’s belts tend to be in the 27-inch to 48-inch range in length, while women’s belts will be in the 24-inch to 44-inch range. Women’s belts will also likely be far more narrow than men’s belts, although many women’s belts are also much wider than a man’s belt, all for fashion purposes and to emphasize the waistline. Many women’s belts will be more decorative and fashionable than truly utilitarian, whereas almost all men’s belts are made and treated like a functional item of clothing first. 

    4. The most distinctive trait of men’s belts vs women’s belts is the location of the buckle and belt holes. Men have their buckle on the right with holes on the left, and women wear their belts with the buckle to the left and the holes on the right.

    Shop Roger Ximenez Men’s Belts

    Here at Roger Ximenez, we’re proud to offer a fine line of men’s belts that include rich colors and patterns you can’t find anywhere else. We don’t think men should be limited to unattractive or dull belts; we’re backing up this belief with our gorgeous, superb-quality men’s belts. Here are some of our favorite men’s belts!

    1. Our men’s belts are fashionable but still eminently masculine. Here is our Shadow mock crocodile leather belt. With its deep, dark navy blue scales accented with white, this belt moves from casual social events to the golf course to the couch with ease and style.

    2. Love color? We have three shades of yellow full-grain leather belts. First, we offer a classic, rich yellow in Italian Pebble Grain. This belt is perfect for formal or a more playful professional look. Second, we have a formal or dressy bright sunshine yellow mock alligator belt that can brighten any day. Finally, we have a more subtle, mustard mock crocodile leather belt

    3. Red works with any wardrobe, skin tone, and season. Shop our four different red belts, from crimsonbrickburgundy, and true red. We also have a fun Americana belt in red, white, and blue!
    Find a belt to suit any need and style here at Roger Ximenez. We have all the classics and bright, fun options to choose from. Each of our men’s belts is made by hand after your order is placed and is overseen by master leather craftsman Roger Ximenez himself. Experience the difference quality and care makes at Roger Ximenez.

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