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  • July 02, 2022 4 min read

    Choosing the right men’s wallet will noticeably, and positively, impact your life. A wallet is a daily use item that keeps essential things safe, secure, and easily accessible. Wallets hold our cash, driver’s license, credit, debit cards, and other small items like punch cards to your favorite coffee or sandwich place. Wallets and their contents are essential to function in today’s modern world. Short of car keys, losing one’s wallet or any of its contents is key to having a terrible day ending with calling your bank. A high-quality wallet keeps your essential items safe and begs to be remembered. Not only are they functional, but men’s wallets can be beautiful and stylish, saying that you treat the essential things in your life with care and respect. But how do you choose the right wallet for yourself? This article will explore six ways to choose the right wallet.

    6 Tips for Choosing the Best Men’s Wallet

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your new, men’s wallet

    • Material

    While wallets are made of every material imaginable, most men prefer a leather wallet because of its durability and attractiveness. Leather is the classic choice for high-use items like belts and wallets. High-quality leather not only lasts a long time, but if it’s full-grain leather, it will get more beautiful with age. Full-grain leather is made from pristine or blemish-free hides. Finished leather can reflect the life of the animal who made the leather. Many things can scar the skin and leave marks on leather-like bug bites, scratching, and fighting. Full-grain hide doesn’t have any marks or blemishes that need to be removed by buffing, sanding, or shaving the hide’s top layer. Full-grain hides can start the tanning process immediately. The second highest quality of leather is called top grain, and it has been processed to remove the top layer of the hide.

    • Size

    Depending on how much you need to carry in your wallet, you may want to choose a bi-fold or a tri-fold wallet. Tri-folds allow you to carry more cards, while bi-folds are better for having cash. Bi-fold wallets are the classic wallet design, allowing you take advantage of their functionality and style. To correctly determine the size of wallet you need, empty your current wallet. Throw away receipts, expired gift cards, and punch cards you no longer use, and put the business cards you’ve collected somewhere safe. Now that you’ve thinned out your wallet contents, look at what you need in your wallet to determine the size that’s right for you. This will include your driver’s license, debit and credit cards, and cash. Next, count your cards and ids. You’ll want to know exactly how many card slots your new wallet needs. For example, Roger Ximenez’s full-grain leather wallets are bi-folds with 6 credit card slots and 2 in-sleeves. You can also fit more than one card into a Roger Ximenez leather wallet slot, which ups it’s total capacity to 16.

    • Simplicity

    Want a wallet that can move from casual to formal events with ease and style? Your best choice is a simple, high-quality leather wallet. They look good with a pair of jeans; they also work with your finest suit. There’s no need for a formal wallet and the hassle of moving items from your everyday wallet to a formal wallet. With a premium leather wallet, you’re prepared for any social situation and the simple interactions of everyday life.

    • Invest

    Consider your men’s wallet purchase an investment. Wallets are functional, everyday items, so it’s essential that they can do their job well. In the long run, it pays off to invest in quality goods that you’ll use to perform crucial functions day in and day out. While lower quality wallets are cheaper in the short term, they will wear out faster and are more likely to break unexpectedly. And, breaking unexpectedly is the least desirable quality of a wallet. When you price higher quality wallets made of full-grain leather, know that this wallet will last much longer than a cheap wallet, which saves you money in the long run.

    • Color

    While most men’s wallets come in varying shades of brown and black, choose the color that matches more of your wardrobe. Wallets that use vegetable dyes create products that will wear uniquely, creating beautiful hues of color not possible with regular, synthetic dyes. Roger Ximenez allows its customers to customize the stitching of their leather wallets so that you can add of pop of cobalt blue, red, yellow, or lime green to your premium leather wallet.

    • Personal Style

    A wallet is a beautiful opportunity to express your style. A wallet says a lot about a man, so take the opportunity to make a statement with a high-quality full-grain leather wallet. Men have more limited wardrobe choices to express their style, so choosing a premium, stylish wallet is key.

    Browse Roger Ximenez’s Men’s Wallet Products

    Roger Ximenez offers bespoke men’s wallets made out of premium full-grain leather. Their classic black pebble grain wallet is made out of Italian leather. The smooth black Saffiano leather wallet is made to be durable and beautiful. Additionally, they offer mock exotic leather wallets that are made to look like alligator and ostrich leather. These fine, textured wallets are made with stunning vegetable dyes and will complement any style.

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