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  • April 27, 2022 3 min read

    The stakes of a golf game begin before the game has even started with the question of “What do I wear?”. Golfing culture takes fashion seriously and has an entire wardrobe designed for the game. Additionally, many golf clubs have dress codes, which raises the stakes of the golf fashion game. Combining these factors with your need to be both comfortable and able to move properly makes choosing your golf clothes, and especially your golf belt, important for your big game. 

    Should Golfers Invest in Belts for Golfing?

    Yes, absolutely. Since many golf clubs require a belt as part of their dress code, it’s essential that you have a good-looking belt that is comfortable and allows you to play your best game of golf. Most sports require an investment in both equipment and attire. If you’ve purchased golf clubs, then you are well aware of this fact. Don’t let people get distracted from your great game by a mismatched belt that clashes with your clothes or shoes. And, you don’t want to be distracted from your swing or putting by an uncomfortable belt, or by pants that keep sliding down. Having the right attire for a sport is essential whether it’s golf or football. Quality golf belts don’t just improve your look, they improve your game. 

    What Kind of Belts are Recommended for Golfers?

    The most important factors are that the belt fits well, feels comfortable, and allows you to move freely on the course. One popular material for golf belts is leather because of its comfort and durability. Since it’s important to keep your pants where they need to be while golfing, many golfers choose leather golf belts for the security they offer. Other materials like cotton and polyester are also popular, but they don’t wear as well as a high-quality leather golf belt. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing golf belts for men.

    1. Does the belt fit? This is the most basic requirement of any belt—that it fits properly. A good-fitting belt feels comfortable latched at the center hole. Don’t know your belt size? Here is a simple way to measure your correct belt size.

    • Collect a cloth measuring tape and your golf clothes. (If you use a metal measuring tape for this process you could cut yourself or your clothes.)
    • Put your golf clothes on how you would normally wear them, eg, tuck your shirt in. 
    • Next, just like you’re putting on a belt, move the cloth measuring tape through your belt loops. Adjust your pants and measuring tape so that you’re measuring where you normally wear your belt.
    • Take your measurement, remembering to start from the beginning of the 1-inch mark, not the top of the measuring tape. 
    • For measurements with fractions, round up or down, and add 2 inches to even numbers and 3 inches to odd numbers to find your belt size. Why isn’t your waist size your belt size? Belt manufacturers all recommend going slightly larger than your waist to ensure the belt fits through any slight body changes. 

    2. Does it feel comfortable? Don’t take any chances. Put the belt on before purchasing and try a few different golf moves (swinging, putting, etc) and make sure it feels good and doesn’t restrict your movement.

    How Do You Choose a Golf Belt Color?


    Choose your golf belt color based on the color of your golf shoes. Since many golf clubs have dress codes, it’s important to follow the classic fashion rule of matching your belt to your shoes. If you have more than one color of golf shoes, try to have belts that match them. However, since most golf shoes are white and occasionally black, this means that you likely need a white belt, and possibly a black belt, depending on your shoe color. This is why golfers are known for wearing white belts. Another reason many golfers choose white belts is that white matches most golf clothing better than darker colors. But that is also simply dependent on each golfer’s wardrobe. 



    Shop Roger Ximenez Golf Belts for Men

    Jazz up your golf wardrobe with Roger Ximenez’s white Italian pebble grain belt. Customize it with stitching of your color (white to match your shoes?) and you’ll be golf course ready in no time. For black shoes, the casual black suede leather belt is perfect for your afternoon on the course. All of Roger Ximenez’s products are made by hand, with the care and attention to detail that they’re known for. Roger Ximenez is the leading designer of high-end custom leather belts in the nation. You can easily see the skill and craftsmanship in every Roger Ximenez leather belt. For more high-quality, USA-made leather belts, click here to visit their website.