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  • June 09, 2022 3 min read

    Are you tired of the average dull, low-quality leather (or imitation leather) belts on the market today? These belts wear out quickly and lose their looks even earlier. It can be frustrating to purchase inferior products at retail prices, only to have them wear out or break within a short time. If you want a belt that lasts a long time and looks great while doing it, then it’s time to try a full-grain leather belt. Since belts are an everyday item, investing in a full-grain leather belt will pay dividends in quality and style.

    What is a Full Grain Leather Belt?

    Many different types of leather are used to make belts. Leather is made from treated animal skins or hides, and many kinds of animals can provide leather. Leather made from mammals like cows and reptiles such as pythons and crocodiles is standard. Full-grain leather is the highest quality leather available. Belts made out of full-grain leather will last much longer than those made with leather of lower quality because it is the most durable leather.

    But what makes full-grain leather so different from other leathers? The animal’s life will impact the final product regarding leather quality. For example, if the animal cuts or wounds itself, those wounds will scar over and leave marks on the surface of the leather. Many things can cause blemishes on leather—bug bites, fights, scratching, etc. These are natural reflections of the life the animal led, and as a result, all-natural markings, scales, and imperfections are visible as expected, especially on exotic skins. Full-grain leather is simply the highest quality of leather, requiring minimal processing when compared to lesser leathers. 

    Considered the highest quality leather on the market, full-grain leather contains unique characteristics that aren’t found in more processed or treated leather. Since the entire hide is intact, full-grain leather is thicker and more durable. By preserving the top layer of hide, full-grain leather will become more beautiful over time with regular use and care. For example, full-grain leather belts and bags will develop a ‘patina’, which is a rich, glossy shine. . There is a depth and beauty to a well-developed patina that is prized the world over. Each full-grain leather piece is unique, and its patina sheen will also be distinct. A final note on full grain leather products—because of their quality, they will wear well over time, making full-grain leather a top choice for items that are used often or subjected to rigorous conditions like belts and bags.

    What is the Difference Between Top Grain and Full Grain Leather?

    If a full-grain leather is made from blemish-free hides and is unprocessed, then top-grain leather hides have some blemishes and undergo some treatments before being tanned. Top-grain is considered the second-highest leather quality and is often used for luxury goods like purses. Top-grain leather is sanded, buffed, or shaved to remove the top layer of leather. (Shaving the top layer of the hide is called splitting) This removes any visual blemishes or marks from the hide. It also makes the hide thinner to be made into certain products like wallets or purses. If a manufacturer splits, sands, or buffs its leather, it may be applying different textures or finishes. For example, the leather is shaved to make it more workable to make mock reptile skin. While top-grain leather is still considered high-quality, it will not be as durable as full-grain leather. Another factor to consider if you’re deciding between top-grain and full-grain is that top-grain leather will not develop the same patina as full-grain leather because the top layer of hide was compromised.

    Browse Roger Ximenez’s Full Grain Leather Belts

    You can shop a wide range of full grain leather belts at Roger Ximenez’s online store. Roger Ximenez specializes in making bespoke leather belts that suit every style. Our handmade belts are customized for each of our customers. Each Roger Ximenez belt is crafted with care here in the United States. Our belts range from casual to formal with enough variety to fully express your unique style. You choose the type of leather, the color of your belt, the color of its stitching, its size, and its width. Our full-grain leather belts come in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures. Choose from French or Italian full-grain calf leather or genuine reptile leather from crocodiles and pythons. We offer smooth, and pebble grain finishes on our fine calf leather belts and mock crocodilecaimanalligatorlizard, and ostrich finishes as well. Or choose a rich, genuine suede to complement your wardrobe. Our genuine crocodile and python belts are luxurious and are offered in various natural colors; whatever Roger Ximenez belt you choose will amaze you with its elegant feel and quality.